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Master Planning

Effective Architectural design relies on a holistic approach with a complete Macro-analysis of the factors at play on a given site and the brief. We take time to truly understand your strategic vision and the future directions of your project, ulimately to maximise the opportunities of your site.


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We can effectively test the possibilities of your site to allow you to better understand the feasibility and character of the architecture proposed. Our in-depth understanding of Statutory Planning allowing and current design best practices allow us to provide multiple design options that explore the yield and ultimately the character of the Architecture we create.

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Our design processive is extensive and meticulous in exploring options that meet your brief for ongoing discussion and development. We see design as an iterative fluid process and ensure we explore and analyze the possibilities of multiple design options to ensure the best possible final built design.

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Our team prides itself on the utilisation of sophisticated renders, flythroughs, VR and Montage to enable our clients and stakeholders the true form and appearance of our design.

This process significantly enhances the design process as it allows a higher level of understanding and engagement during the key decision-making phases of a project.

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Contract Documentation BIMĀ 

Utilising the latest 3D modeling tools in the industry, our team undertakes high level modeling tasks for highly refined, accurate, and comprehensive Contract documentation. Our extensive and advanced utilisation of BIM technology enables coordinated, accurate Building documentation for tendering and construction.



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Project Delivery- Contract Adminstration

With over 25 years of experience in successful project delivery undertaken, our team has the skills to monitor and administer contracts whilst providing extensive support to both Client and Contractor.

We have real-world practical solutions to any issues that arise on-site and have the skills to manage construction budgets effectively.