Whittington Primary School


Whittington Primary School is located within the City of Greater Geelong Shire, neighbouring two civil learning centres and valued by the local – yet disadvantaged – community. It has experienced a steady increase in enrolment numbers over recent years. The aged existing buildings could no longer serve the needs of the current curriculum, flexible use and growth, so a new masterplan of the site was undertaken. The brief was to provide Junior and Senior buildings and a multi-purpose Gymnasium to serve the school and local area.

Our design provides a solution that is modern, dynamic and progressive, fostering strong community relationships. It has been the intent to deliver forms which are evocative of the above criteria, whilst being robust and cost effective. To provide visual interest and open functional/ education/ landscaping opportunities, a series of patterns were incorporated across the site, allowing for the development of modern working/withdrawal spaces/alcoves, linking closely with outdoor learning space and landscaped treatments – suited to many educational activities for Primary school years. The overall outcome is to rejuvenate this school zone, giving it a strong identity, inviting community, creating an open and modern learning environment whilst looking forward towards Whittington’s future growth.