13th Beach Estate Multi-Residential Development 1


The site at 13th Beach called for a unit design that was cost effective, customisable, and attractive to ensure the best outcome for the site. The design incorporated two types of units, both 110sqm in size with three bedrooms.

The units are given a liberal sense of volume with raised ceilings to the living spaces. Purchases comment that the spaces “feel larger than they actually are”. This was always our core design intent.

Clever use of party wall systems kept construction costs down while ensuring a quality outcome that met regulatory requirements for sound transmission and energy rating. Through intelligent design, the units reached a 7 Star energy rating without needing to use high performance glazing or expensive construction detailing. The outcome: cost effective, quality development with all units sold prior to completion.

In our business we require professionals who can deliver and we were extremely pleased with the timely delivery and intimate knowledge that Mike brought to our particular project. We have been working with Mike and have been very impressed with his professionalism, innovation, budget analysis and attention to detail. We continue working with Mike and his staff and can highly recommend 3iD Architecture as a most professional business.

- Julian Perez Development Manager
Villawood Properties