Clifton Springs Primary School


Clifton Springs Primary School was constructed in the late 1980s, and despite having many attractive attributes for its era, lacked the flexibility required for modern learning and teaching practice. The existing spaces were highly compartmentalised with poor access to natural light, coupled with a dull colour palette. This generally created an atmosphere that was drab, uninviting and not reflective of the culture and sentiment of the developing school community.

From the outset the design intent was to introduce more controlled natural light into the spaces, and to renew the learning spaces to allow flexible group sizes, multiple activities and flexibility in delivery. This was achieved by the redesign and incorporation of new lightwells and the removal of many internal walls, along with better rationalisation of pedestrian management through the spaces.

Through considered, individual, localised architectural treatments, we synergistically reinvigorated the school in its entirety, on modest budget.