• Design Proposal

    The intent of a proposed design is clear and accurate. All stakeholders can clearly understand the true intent of the proposal this streamlining process.

  • Site Context

    This process means that from the outset the Planning Authorities truly understand a proposal, its aesthetic and impact on streetscape from the first Pre-application meeting.

Accurate &  Realistic
Through complex software we are able to exactly match the perspective, field of view and Camera location. This ensures the montage process is mathematically accurate.
VCAT Expert witness
We have experience in developing and presenting montages and Reports submissions as expert witness evidence for VCAT Tribunal hearings.
Clarity of design intent
As a design tool Photo Montage allows clients and Planning authorities to fully understand the impact and aesthetic of our designs. This can streamline process as visual bulk and amenity impact are immediately understood.

Successful town planning relies on all parties truly understanding the impact of a proposed development- Camera match photomontage make this possible .


We have extensive experience in acting as Expert Witness in the preparation of VCAT Photomontage presented in accordance with VCAT Tribunal guidelines. We are fully familiar with the requirements of Planners,Town Planning Lawyers and the Tribunal and have over 15 years experience in Camera matched photomontage.



Quantifiable evidence
Visual Bulk

View sharing
Neighbourhood Character


Our team has the experience to accurately represent the built outcome of any proposal highlighting any possible amenity impacts. Our reports are accurate, concise and presented in a manner that is easily understood to clearly illustrate the amenity impact of any proposed development to the Council, Tribunal and any other stakeholders.